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6 Golden Principles in Leads Management

Knowing how to generate and interact with potential or established clients is pointless if you do not know how to manage them efficiently in real time. More and more businesses are experiencing call and shopping cart abandonment because enquiries are frankly getting fed up of waiting This article shares six principles in leads management which can be applied on all types of businesses.

1. Allow Opt in and Opt out

Not everyone perceives the same value as you in all your products and services. What you view as useful might be useless in another person’s eyes. Hence, allow your leads to opt in. Do not assume consent whenever you exchange emails or business cards with your new leads. Instead ask politely for their consent to be added into your leads list during your initial email correspondence.

Similarly you need to allow people who are not interested in your offers to opt out. Avoid sending information repeatedly them because it shows how un-professional you are. Nevertheless, you might not want to delete them from your database. Just keep them in a separate list as you won’t know whether they will become useful contacts later.

2. Start using A.I technology

A.I technology has come a long way. You Can Respond To Enquiries or interact with real people In Real Time 24/7 Without Lifting A Finger and Never Lose A online enquiry or sales again. It might be time to consider deploying a Conversational Online Assistant that can engage immediately. Take a look at an example here.

3. Customise your follow up

Spend time to work on customised message for your follow. This could help demonstrates your sincerity and how keen you are to work with them. In all your follow-up, provide useful information related to your business in a concise manner using simple language. You could also consider a A.I. Conversational Marketing tool for your follow-up also.

4. Use mixed mode of contacts

Whenever possible, try not to use a single mode of contact to manage your leads. Instead, use mixed mode of corresponding methods. This increases your visibility to your leads and also provides them with multiple ways to make contact with you. This could be streamlined via a A.I Conversational Marketing Chatbot.

5. Always remind them to ask questions

In all your follow-up, remind your leads, regularly to contact you if they ever need any additional information on your products and services. Provide them information on the products that they have been interested in, particularly if you are having any form of promotion.

6. Be organised and systematic.

Keep your list of leads in a spreadsheet complete with their personal details including how you make contact with each other and what are their products of interest. Review the list every time you contact your leads for follow up. Alternatively, you can also purchase leads management software or download free ones from your app store which are normally more efficient.

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