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Does managing change manangement change anything

It would seem that the world is changing fast, but has it been any slower than it was before?  Technology has helped to give the perception of  speed.  Sometimes we can feel out of control as things around us shift an often the ground from under our feet tremble with change.

article by Diane Shawe M.Ed

Responding to today’s kind of changes requires a new set of skills. Different levels of understanding, self leadership and governance.

What are the seven key areas one needs to consider and build into a Change management programme to aid collective understanding and collaborative progress?

Defining Change?

  1. Why organisations or people fail?

  2. What are various types of change?

  3. What are various phases of growth?

  4. What are major established theories on change management and how do they compare with each other?

  5. What is the difference between leading and managing?

How Change Affects People

  1. How do people respond to change?

  2. What goes through people’s mind when they are confronted with change in different stages?

  3. How ideas spread and what does this mean for change management?

How Organisational Change Works

  1. What are the 8 stages of change and what should you consider in each stage to maximise the likelihood of success?

  2. What are the principles of effective change?

  3. What are the common problems when managing changes that if neglected can seriously impact the change process?

Managing Resistance

  1. Why people resist change?

  2. How can you deal with this resistance?

  3. What are the techniques available to persuade people on change?

  4. How can you engage stakeholders considering their power and interest?

How to Manage Change

  1. What are the critical three components of a change management programme?

  2. What tools can you use to manage and monitor employee skills and identify skill gaps?

  3. How to develop employee skill profile?

  4. What are various options in filling these skill gaps and what are each methods advantages and disadvantages?

Mentoring, Coaching and Motivating

  1. How critical is motivation in the context of change management?

  2. What is Skill/Will Matrix and how can you use it for coaching and managing change?

  3. What is mentoring, what is coaching and what is the difference between them?

  4. How can you use the GROW model to provide effective coaching?

Management Tools

  1. What are the tools used for brainstorming ideas on change and structuring your plans and activities?

  2. What tools can you use to identify what works for change and what works against it?

  3. What tools can you use to monitor the scope of change and make sure that your plans are consistent and are applied at the right level?

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