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£99 Lite Chatbot Small Businesses

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How Does Virtual Auto Chat Lite Work for a small business?

When your visitor lands on your website, the chat bot interacts with them.
Through conversational marketing it converts them into a qualified lead or a customer. It's just like having a personal assistant.

Just look at what a Chatbot can do for you:

How would you like to be able to #engage with online clients 24/7 in the following way?

: #selling your services

: making #appointments

: delivering #coupons and #vouchers

: #signposting them to help or #information

: #collecting their name and number so you can call them later

: #conducting #surveys

: taking #applications

: giving #advice without LIFTING A FINGER 24/7

Well I have fab news! You need a online virtual assistance that

: never sleeps,

: never complains,

: don't go sick and

: just works for you all the time for less than 30p a day!

Click here to try a live one

A one off annual fee of £99 or you can pay £30 set up fee and £15 a month.

It the natural progression from websites to apps and now to A.I Chatbots/

Visit our Website to view more samples.

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