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It is increasingly evident that Luxury goods and major brands have embraced AI technologies, such as chatbots to elevate the customer experience and offer personalised product recommendations and deals.

The launch of the premium Shoppers Discount Club has taken the AI chatbot, which  uses natural language processing (NLP) to mimic the conversational style of specialist consultants. 

This Modern chatbots is no longer limited to specific input formats, like yes/no questions, but can introduce videos, appointment scheduling, Promote events, demonstrate features, personalised messages from owners or influencers, capture details and direct your vip clients to their specific requirements 24/7 without customer services lifting a finger.

As the use of AI technology continues to grow and evolve, it is having a significant impact on the way bricks and mortar businesses operate, particularly in the luxury goods industry. 

One way that luxury goods retailers can take advantage of this technology is by combining it with real-time offers to VIP students, vip pensioners, key VIP government staff, VIP traders, VIP residents, and visitors with the ability to streamline and change each targeted offers in real time.

Unlike other incentivising schemes, retailers can connect with VIP shoppers by offering them exclusive offers when they scan your unique premium shoppers discount code, start engaging with your chatbot and redeem at point of sale in real time.

A game-changer for your luxury brand. Call us now on 0203 535 6505 to discuss your bespoke premium luxury chatbot design.

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