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Start your own Chatbot Agency

I am really excited to share this new affordable technology with you and how you can sell to lots of businesses in your region and help them get Back in Business using this new A.I Technology. If you have not got time to read the whole of this email, then just click here to see what I am talking about and how you can help. If you want to know how to get started, then just click here:

I can promise you that most people are suffering from Webinar fatigue, been driven to distraction from endless invitation, mega long emails, endless landing pages and free 90 minute sales channels disguised as free training offers!

Since the lock down, many businesses will be looking at a way to entice their old and new customers back to them and they are going to need as much help as possible. This is where you come in.

You’re not selling them any expensive gimmick, just a practical and proven solution. Auto Chat bots can help them achieve more leads 24 hours a day. If you are good at recommending and informing people, you have a mobile phone or tablet, then you can easily text, message, call or email any website business, show them an example and take their order. We then pay you directly into your bank each month once they have paid. If your ambitions are bigger then you could apply to become one of our account managers or even start your own agency.

A.I. technology is huge, you do not need any coding skills, just the will to get in-touch with as many website owners and let the see it in action. I have found a way, and I am so impressed with it I decided to invest in it as a second revenue stream and now I want to help other businesses use this technology to connect in real time 24/7 without lifting a finger!

First there was websites, social media, apps and now we have A.I. technology and it’s not that expensive! How would you like to be able to help businesses engage with online clients 24/7 in the following way? : selling your services : making appointments : delivering coupons and vouchers : signposting them to help or information : collecting their name and number so you can call them later : conducting surveys : taking applications : giving advice without lifting a finger 24/7? They need an online virtual assistance that never sleeps, never complains, don't go sick and just works for you all the time for less than 30p a day! So, if you want a service that help every business, organisation, call centres get this tool, you could benefit by having your sponsorship and link to any deal you have. It’s a win win win offer. Become a Business Champion and let us get the Economy going again whilst you earn.

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